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Protects your privacy and keeps all unauthorized users away from your data
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Keeping your private and sensitive data away from prying eyes and protecting your work against accidental changes and loss are but two of the many reasons why Chris PC-Lock is an interesting tool to explore. Whenever you key in the shortcut you defined, this tiny utility will lock your PC or laptop in such a way that only those who know the right password will be allowed to use it again. All the rest will see is a nice slideshow of Romanian landscapes or whatever another set of images you want to show them.

Chris PC-Lock is very simple to set up and use – all you’ll be asked for is a password, the safest you can think of. You will need to remember it to go back to your PC, so make it hard to crack and easy to remember at the same time. Note that once your PC has been locked, the password you create is the only key to your computer, so try not to lose it or forget it. You can always change it for a new one at the settings window.

Everything else is customizable or/and optional. The background pictures of beautiful Romania that appear as a slideshow behind the password dialog can be changed by your own set of images, a picture of your choice, or your favorite background color. You can also set and change a hotkey to lock your PC at any time, set a maximum idle time in minutes for the program to lock it for you automatically, create a hotkey to let you go into stealth mode quickly, and another one – with or without a password – to open the settings dialog without looking for the program’s icon. For the highest level of protection, you’re recommended to let Chris PC-Lock start automatically at Windows startup to make sure that your PC is protected at all times.

Chris PC-Lock will lock your keyboard (a limited virtual keyboard can be displayed on the screen by request), your mouse, and any access to the Task Manager in earlier Windows versions. It will disable all those shortcuts susceptible of disabling or circumventing Chris PC-Lock’s protection, such as Alt+F4, Ctrl+Alt+Del, and others, leaving the password you created as the one and only key to your computer. You can try the program for a few days without any limitation in its functionality, so you can see for yourself if that mixture of simplicity of use and high level of security that it offers fits your requirements.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Password can be changed at any time
  • Hides your mouse and cursor after a certain amount of time
  • Allows you to define a shortcut to lock your computer
  • Customizable background images


  • Lack of any extra features, such as a password generator
  • The user interface needs serious revamping
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